• Question: Would any of you donate some of your money to charities like cancer research for a good cause to help people with illnesses?

    Asked by Imma_diatomic_4_life to Sylvia, Sumit, Martin, Kate, Bryony, Aryanne on 4 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 4 Mar 2019:

      I already do donate to some charities including the alumni fund at Heriot-Watt University.

    • Photo: Sylvia Soldatou

      Sylvia Soldatou answered on 4 Mar 2019:

      I already donate money to some charities and organisations like ActionAid and Unicef and Cancer research

    • Photo: Bryony Hockin

      Bryony Hockin answered on 4 Mar 2019:

      I already donate money to WaterAid, Oxfam and Unicef. I also recently cleared out all my clothes and gave them to the Cancer Research charity shop 🙂

    • Photo: Kate McGonagle

      Kate McGonagle answered on 5 Mar 2019:

      Hey, I have to be completely honest and say I currently do not give any regular payments to a charity. I worked for cancer research UK so I gave a lot of my time and energy…but not money. I buy meals for the homeless every Christmas and I also currently volunteer in my spare time for a charity which buddies you up with someone suffering from loneliness and isolation in the community. I am constantly donating clothes. But, for sure, donating more money is something I will consider in the future.

    • Photo: Sumit Konar

      Sumit Konar answered on 5 Mar 2019:

      I donate money for education of the students who are from poor family in my town. My wife donates for cancer research as she is a medical doctor and she is currently doing research at Royal infirmary.