• Question: What is your favourite thing to cook?

    Asked by 535mecq29 to Sumit, Aryanne on 5 Mar 2019. This question was also asked by 535mecq28.
    • Photo: Sumit Konar

      Sumit Konar answered on 5 Mar 2019:

      I like to cook biriyani. cooking biriyani is an art, and it is like a chemistry experiment. I put marinated chicken (you can buy biriyani spices in Indian super market) at the bottom of the pan as one layer. I then boil rice, when it is 70% done I take some semi-boiled rice (70% boiled) and cover the meat as one layer of rice. Rice left in the pan in the hot boiling water will be boiled more by that time. I then put two rice layers that are roughly 80% and 90% boiled the way I mentioned earlier. On top I then add fried onion, eggs, rose water, saffron and ghee (indian butter). I then close the lid tightly. I cook 5 mins at high flame and then cook for another 35 min at medium heat.