• Question: I saw you said you work with diamond anvil cells , what’s the largest pressure you’ve worked with in gigapascals when using the DAC?

    Asked by mss1638 to Sumit on 7 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Sumit Konar

      Sumit Konar answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      Excellent question. I am glad that you already know about the unit gigapascal (GPa). I only went upto 30 GPa with inorganic carbides (Li2C2 and CaC2).
      We made one new compound LiBSi2 at 10 GPa.
      Currently I am using DAC for large organic molecules; and I do not need much high pressure. I made a new form of one anticancer drug at 0.3 GPa.
      There is other apparatus for generating pressures (other than DAC). Please search and let me know what are those? If you cannot find, let me know.