• Question: how did u figure out that you wanted to do what you do, i havent really heard much about it so i was wondering.

    Asked by Brodie to Aryanne, Sylvia, Sumit, Martin, Bryony on 6 Mar 2019. This question was also asked by 535mecq29.
    • Photo: Aryanne Finnie

      Aryanne Finnie answered on 6 Mar 2019:

      I actually chose this type of subject for my final year masters project, and i loved it so much i decided to do it as a PhD! i also love working with bacteria!

    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      I had been working on aspects of the ice surface science related to destruction of ozone in the stratosphere and read a little article by a scientist at UMIST called David Williams. This article said there were lots of problems understanding the role of dust in the Universe. I went to visit David, we talked and had a great Chinese lunch in Manchester China Town and that where it all began…

    • Photo: Sylvia Soldatou

      Sylvia Soldatou answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      I always liked chemistry so went to Uni and study chemistry. I then realised that I wanted to learn more so I decided to for a Master’s degree and that’s when everything became lot more clear for me.
      There’s no path, you make it happen depending on what you like and enjoy!

    • Photo: Sumit Konar

      Sumit Konar answered on 8 Mar 2019:

      It all happened slowly over the years. I was offered a PhD position on superconductivity. I was very excited as the project was to make new form carbon. We were not able to make our dream compound but I found many other interesting compounds on the way. Most of them was made using high pressure. I made the new compounds and solved their structures. This is how I became a high pressure scientist and a crystallographer.